• oil palm landscapes: playing the long game with palm oil

    Oil palm landscapes: Playing the long game with palm oil

    But the game they're playing has a serious purpose. Palm oil has long been used locally in cooking and personal care products, and more recently as a biodiesel feedstock. In colonial times, the oil and kernels were among the country's most valuable export goods.

  • oil palm landscapes: indonesia's game of palms - cifor

    Oil palm landscapes: Indonesia's game of palms - CIFOR

    Indonesia - This article is the second in a four-part series on a global study on Oil Palm Adaptive Landscapes.. East Kalimantan is one of five Indonesian provinces located on the island of Borneo, where forests are facing increased pressure due to the accelerated expansion of oil palm plantations.

  • oil palm landscapes: playing for keeps - cifor forests news

    Oil palm landscapes: Playing for keeps - CIFOR Forests News

    This article is the first in a four-part series on a global study on Oil Palm Adaptive Landscapes. A group of farmers from rural Kutai Kartanegara district in the Indonesian province of East Kalimantan gather round what looks like an ordinary board game - there are tokens, cards, play money; the ...

  • oil palm landscapes: playing the long game with palm oil

    Oil palm landscapes: Playing the long game with palm oil

    Landscape governance Gender Silvopastoral systems Market-based agroforestry-forestry Farm-forest policy interface Agroecology Livelihood trajectory modelling and assessment ... Oil palm landscapes: Playing the long game with palm oil.

  • the congo basin: palm oil's next frontier - cifor forests news

    The Congo Basin: palm oil's next frontier - CIFOR Forests News

    Africa's contribution to global palm oil supplies declined from 77 percent in 1961 to less than 4 percent in 2014, as the crop boomed in Malaysia and Indonesia. But many of the Congo Basin's most forested countries are dreaming big. Cameroon aims to double palm oil production by 2035, and Gabon has ambitions of becoming a leading exporter.

  • oil palm landscapes: sketching out sustainable futures

    Oil palm landscapes: Sketching out sustainable futures

    Part 3: Playing the long game with palm oil: Using role-play to improve landscape management in Cameroon For more information on this topic, please contact Jaboury Ghazoul at jaboury.ghazoul@env.ethz.ch or Heru Komarudin at h.komarudin@cgiar.org or Pablo Pacheco at p.pacheo@cgiar.org .

  • oil palm adaptive landscapes - opal project

    Oil Palm Adaptive Landscapes - OPAL project

    Oil palm provides significant earnings for countries, corporations and smallholders, but often at great environmental and social costs within and beyond the landscapes where it is grown. The OPAL project uses natural and social sciences to build role playing games that reflect existing oil palm landscape realities.

  • current practices and innovations in smallholder palm oil

    Current practices and innovations in smallholder palm oil

    Current practices and innovations in smallholder palm oil finance in Indonesia and Malaysia: Long-term financing solutions to promote sustainable supply chains Get the CIFOR publications update CIFOR publishes over 400 publications every year on forests and climate change, landscape restoration, rights, forest policy, agroforestry and much more ...

  • oil palm expansion transforms tropical landscapes

    Oil palm expansion transforms tropical landscapes

    Oil palm has good environmental qualities but uncontrolled expansion has caused social and environmental harm. Oil palm has made major contributions to alleviating rural poverty; oil palm has a better carbon balance than many other crop. Oil palm in landscape mosaics can provide good biodiversity outcomes. Poor governance has allowed predatory ...

  • best of 2018 - cifor.org

    Best of 2018 - cifor.org

    Playing for keeps: How a simple board game could lead to more sustainable oil palm Once reserved for military war games, the Companion Modeling approach has been developed and expanded over the past two decades to include the complex issues of renewable resources and environmental management.

  • pdf gender issues in large scale land acquisition: insights

    PDF Gender Issues in Large Scale Land Acquisition: Insights

    GENDER ISSUES IN LARGE SCALE LAND ACQUISITION: INSIGHTS FROM OIL PALM IN INDONESIA . 2 | P a g e ... both rural landscapes and livelihoods in the process. The growing body of research and evidence on ... Oil palm has resulted in some gains in livelihood and well-being, but this comes at the cost ...

  • pdf unilever palm oil position paper may 2016

    PDF Unilever Palm Oil Position Paper May 2016

    UNILEVER PALM OIL POSITION PAPER CONTEXT Unilever purchases nearly 3% of global palm oil production, or 1.5 million tonnes of the total global supply of 55 million tonnes. Unilever is also the largest end user of physically certified palm oil in the Consumer Goods Industry; this includes segregated and mass balance volumes. Whilst relatively

  • pdf landscape game manual - center for international forestry

    PDF Landscape Game Manual - Center for International Forestry

    4 Landscape Game Players agree how long to play. Recommended time of play is 60 minutes, but participants playing for the first time may need 90 minutes to complete the game. 2. The banker distributes initial funds of 100 points to each player (we use 'Þ' for points). The government holds limited funds, e.g., Þ200, to make its policy work.

  • peatlands in the spotlight - cifor's 2018 annual report

    Peatlands in the spotlight - CIFOR's 2018 Annual Report

    And in Cameroon, Colombia and Indonesia, CIFOR's global study on Oil Palm Adaptive Landscapes documented how a simple board game can lead to more sustainable oil palm by bringing together small-scale farmers, but with major stakeholders and decision-makers, in a series of participatory role-playing exercises that help them better understand ...

  • the food, fuel, fiber and forests (4fs) initiative - forests asia

    The Food, Fuel, Fiber and Forests (4Fs) Initiative - Forests Asia

    The Food, Fuel, Fiber and Forests (4Fs) Initiative Greetings from Oil Palm Farmers at PT Windu Nabatindo Lestari Humanity's increasing and often clashing needs for food, fuel, fiber and forests (4Fs) lie at the heart of the 21st Century challenge to balance local and global social, environmental and economic priorities.

  • q+a: cifor landscape games feature at indonesia's sustainable

    Q+A: CIFOR landscape games feature at Indonesia's Sustainable

    CIFOR scientists also demonstrated a board game under development based on research related to livelihood dependency on the oil palm industry in rural East Kalimantan. The land use change and oil palm expansion (LUCOPE) game developed by Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Ph.D. candidate Bayu Eka Yulian is a role-playing game designed to let ...

  • world's largest ecological study aims to make palm oil

    World's largest ecological study aims to make palm oil

    The Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) website offers the latest research, publications, news and media related to forestry: climate change, gender, food, livelihoods, policy, forest products, trade, bioenergy, biodiversity, and sustainable landscapes and development

  • palm oil has saved the world from an ecological disaster

    Palm Oil Has Saved the World From an Ecological Disaster

    Source: Oil World (2008) Oil World Statistic ISTA Mielke GmBh Hamburg. For sure, palm oil production has damaged forest landscapes. But at the same time, it has saved many forest areas.

  • the world's demand for palm oil is igniting a climate bomb

    The world's demand for palm oil is igniting a climate bomb

    By Rebecca Wright, Ivan Watson, Tom Booth and Masrur Jamaluddin, CNN. Kalimantan, Indonesia (CNN) — Deep within the jungles of Indonesian Borneo, illegal fires rage, creating ap

  • herry purnomo | prof. dr. - researchgate

    Herry Purnomo | Prof. Dr. - ResearchGate

    A board game, the Landscape Game, was developed based on game theory to help understand the dynamics of land competition, policy measures and sustainability of a landscape. This game introduces ...

  • the relationship between carbon emissions, land use change

    The Relationship between Carbon Emissions, Land Use Change

    lowland dipterocarp forests have been cleared and converted specifically for oil palm cultivation (Santilli et al. 2005). Coastal and low lying inland regions are ideal locations for oil palm cultivation and subsequent deforestation that ultimately degrades the island landscapes across Southeast Asia (Figure 1-1).

  • the palm oil fiefdom - mongabay environmental news

    The Palm Oil Fiefdom - Mongabay Environmental News

    The Palm Oil Fiefdom ... he was playing a bigger game." ... "I know just how long the people have been fighting for their smallholdings, and now that struggle is finally bearing fruit," he ...

  • indonesia deforestation: the world's demand for palm oil is

    Indonesia deforestation: The world's demand for palm oil is

    People are choking on smoke. Orangutans are dying. Farmers are clearing land the fastest way they know how to cash in on demand for palm oil, which is used in half of all supermarket products.

  • satellites check oil palm expansion in borneo - scidev.net

    Satellites check oil palm expansion in Borneo - SciDev.Net

    Oil palm plantations produce about 40 per cent of the world's vegetable oil which is used for cooking and in processed foods. It goes into cosmetics or gets converted into biofuel . Oil palm is grown in some 43 tropical countries, but 92 per cent of the global planted area is concentrated in Indonesia and Malaysia.

  • the society for conservation biology

    The Society for Conservation Biology

    The price of crude palm oil is positively correlated with plantation expansion in the following year in Indonesian (not Malaysian) Borneo. Low palm oil prices, wet conditions, and improved fire prevention all likely contributed to reduced 2017 deforestation. Oversight of company conduct requires transparent concession ownership.

  • what should we make of the fires in the ... - landscape news

    What should we make of the fires in the ... - Landscape News

    While foreign aid can and should play a role as well, contributions toward the Brazilian fires, particularly from the world's most economically powerful countries at the recent G7 summit, were "too little, too late," says CIFOR's director general Robert Nasi, regardless of whether or not Bolsonaro accepts the aid.

  • indonesia's forest fires: everything you need to know

    Indonesia's forest fires: everything you need to know

    Palm oil is one of the world's most produced and consumed oils. This cheap, production-efficient and highly stable oil is used in a wide variety of food, cosmetic and hygiene products, and can be used as source for bio-fuel or biodiesel. Most palm oil is produced in Asia, Africa and South America ...

  • indonesia aims to bury slash-and-burn, se asia news & top

    Indonesia aims to bury slash-and-burn, SE Asia News & Top

    Singapore-based palm oil company Cargill has teamed up with experts from the Environment and Forestry Ministry to supply 26 villages in South Sumatra and West Kalimantan with water pumps and hoses.

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