• some eu governments against palm oil curbs | simon roughneen

    Some EU governments against palm oil curbs | Simon Roughneen

    JAKARTA — Major palm oil producers in Asia are hoping European governments will not go ahead with proposals that could undermine their businesses and damage the Indonesian and Malaysian economies. Proponents say palm oil requires less land to grow than other vegetable oil crops.

  • palm oil producers in asia want eu to ... - nikkei asian review

    Palm oil producers in Asia want EU to ... - Nikkei Asian Review

    Palm oil producers in Asia want EU to step back from restrictions. Palm oil farmers in Indonesia and Malaysia have protested against the votes while their governments have slammed the moves as protectionist. Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak confronted Donald Tusk, President of the European Commission,...

  • iceland's christmas ad was brave and necessary. it shouldn't

    Iceland's Christmas ad was brave and necessary. It shouldn't

    JAKARTA -- Indonesia and Malaysia, which produce more than 80% of the world's palm oil, are resisting proposals by European parliamentarians that could limit JAKARTA -- Indonesia and Malaysia, which produce more than 80% of the world's palm oil, are

  • indonesia's indigenous leaders press land claims - rte world

    Indonesia's indigenous leaders press land claims - RTE World

    Indonesian forestry and environment minister Siti Nurbaya and Abdon Nabadan, the outgoing leader of AMAN, at Tanjung Gusto on March 17 2017 (Photo: Simon Roughneen) TANJUNG GUSTO — Coming from all over Indonesia, vividly-garbed traditional dancers yelled 'horas', which means hello in the Batak language of north Sumatra.

  • why is iceland against palm oil? - about iceland

    Why is Iceland against palm oil? - About Iceland

    Iceland is the UK's smallest national food retailer, accounting for just over 2% of the total grocery market. Removing palm oil from our own label products will reduce global demand by no more than 1,000 tonnes a year. We recognise that our direct purchasing and lobbying power is relatively small,...

  • "intellectually lazy" boycotts, such as ... - palm oil today

    "Intellectually Lazy" Boycotts, Such as ... - Palm Oil Today

    Over the past few decades, the palm oil sector has been confronted by multiple false claims about its environmental footprint. Some campaigns have resulted in a boycott of palm oil, as seen in the example of the Iceland supermarket chain in the UK. This case is worth analysing because it highlights underlying issues for stakeholders.

  • simon roughneen - part 2

    Simon Roughneen - Part 2

    It has been a hectic year-and-a-bit back in office for the world's oldest head of government, who turns 94 today. From renegotiating multi-billion-dollar railway construction deals with China to lambasting the European Union over proposed curbs on palm oil imports, he has arguably been as dynamic as any leader living.

  • eu labelling changes force industry action on palm oil

    EU labelling changes force industry action on palm oil

    EU heading for 'zero palm oil' in transport by 2021. "Regarding palm oil, we also support the complete ban by 2021," said a source from the Socialists and Democrats (S&D), the second biggest Parliament group, which is meeting on Wednesday (10 January) to fine-tune its position ahead of the plenary vote next week.

  • topic: european commission | the malaysian pulse - beat

    Topic: European Commission | The Malaysian Pulse - Beat

    JAKARTA: Indonesia, the world's top palm oil producer, has told some retailers in Jakarta to remove food products with "palm oil-free" labels from their shops, a government official said, as it seeks to protect its key export.

  • eu palm oil vote: meps vote again on palm oil in ... - verdict

    EU palm oil vote: MEPs vote again on palm oil in ... - Verdict

    A total of 640 MEPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of the ban, compared to 18 against. However, today's EU palm oil vote is on amendments proposed on targets for biofuels. Once MEPs vote on the amendments today, the amendments will go before the European Commission and member states before it becomes law.

  • top palm oil growers go on defensive against eu curb threat

    Top Palm Oil Growers Go on Defensive Against EU Curb Threat

    The EU is currently planning to ban some palm oil imports in a protectionist measure designed to benefit the already rich and coddled EU farming sector. Palm oil exporting countries, from Colombia to Nigeria to Malaysia, have reacted furiously. For Nigeria, which used to be the world's largest producer of palm oil and has only recently started to reinvest in the crop after decades of neglect, an EU ban would be a major blow to its agricultural ambitions.

  • european sustainable palm oil (espo) - idh - the sustainable

    European Sustainable Palm Oil (ESPO) - IDH - the sustainable

    European Sustainable Palm Oil (ESPO) Support the aspiration of those members wishing to achieve traceability to plantation by 2020. Support the European Union governments in general and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and Development in particular, in gaining endorsement for the 'Amsterdam Palm Oil Declaration' from European countries.

  • disagreement over iceland's way of tackling palm oil's

    Disagreement over Iceland's way of tackling palm oil's

    The Iceland no palm oil pledge is that by the end of 2018, 100% of the supermarket's own brand food lines will contain no palm oil, reducing demand for palm oil by more than 500 tonnes per year. Iceland claim the response from its own brand suppliers to the no palm oil campaign has been incredibly enthusiastic.

  • malaysia mounts pr blitz against eu proposals to curb palm

    Malaysia mounts PR blitz against EU proposals to curb palm

    Palm oil has a major image problem among the general public in EU member states, partly because deforestation and the impact on species such as the orangutan. Last month, Indonesia's Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Ignasius Jonan said the country could retaliate against French exporters if the French government continued to push a ...

  • palm oil - advanced biofuels usa

    palm oil - Advanced BioFuels USA

    (The Sun Daily/Bernama) Poland is against the European Union's (EU) proposed plan to ban the use of palm oil as a component of biofuels, and stressed that the republic does not May 29, 2019 Read Full Article

  • the eu's inaction with respect to 'palm ... - palm oil today

    The EU's inaction with respect to 'palm ... - Palm Oil Today

    The inaction with respect to illegal, deceptive and anti-competitive 'no palm oil' or 'palm oil-free' claims, labels and campaigns shows that the EU disregards the interests of palm oil producing countries. Assuming that its attitude will be different with respect to the definition of a standard for palm oil's sustainability could be ...

  • uk says the eu palm oil ban is unfair | new straits times

    UK says the EU palm oil ban is unfair | New Straits Times

    Malaysia strongly opposes the EU resolution as it discriminates and seeks to ban palm oil from 2021, yet other vegetable oils would only be phased out from 2031. Treadell said the UK agreed with Malaysia that it was unfair to ban palm oil much earlier than other vegetable oils .

  • days after defeat, europe renews its campaign against palm oil

    Days After Defeat, Europe Renews Its Campaign Against Palm Oil

    Days After Defeat, Europe Renews Its Campaign Against Palm Oil. Today, ... The difference is that policymakers will seek to curb all Palm Oil imports, not just banning it from the bloc's renewable programs. ... Any action by the European Union should not single out Palm Oil.

  • uk defies eu over indonesian palm oil trade, leaked papers

    UK defies EU over Indonesian palm oil trade, leaked papers

    TOKYO -- Southeast Asia's palm oil exporters have the means to retaliate if the European Union imposes restrictions on the commodity, Indonesia's trade minister warned on Wednesday in an exclusive ...

  • wwf palm oil buyers scorecard - role of governance

    WWF Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard - Role of Governance

    the role of governance in producer countries There has been major progress on transformation of the palm oil industry - but significant challenges remain. In the last 10 years, in the face of greater transparency, closer scrutiny and continual criticism, the palm oil industry has started to change.

  • malaysia opposes eu parliament resolution on palm oil

    Malaysia opposes EU parliament resolution on palm oil

    As a palm oil producer, Malaysia strongly opposes a proposed European Union (EU) Parliament resolution on the commodity that is scheduled to be in April.

  • the politics of palm oil | yaleglobal online

    The Politics of Palm Oil | YaleGlobal Online

    Peatlands are suitable for oil palm, yet also extremely prone to fire. Under such sensitive conditions, the Indonesian government enacted legislation in 1999 for the control on proportions of peatlands used for palm oil plantations and the ban on slash-and-burn tactics.

  • musim mas disappointed by eu parliament vote against palm oil

    Musim Mas Disappointed by EU Parliament Vote against Palm Oil

    Concurrently, it views the decision by EU Parliament on singling out of Palm Oil for exclusion in the Biofuel blend by 2021 with much regret. This decision runs counter to the values of inclusive and equitable development, and is perspicuously discriminatory in nature as data from credible sources demonstrate facts contrary to claims by the EU parliament.

  • malaysia, indonesia may take eu plan to curb palm oil imports

    Malaysia, Indonesia may take EU plan to curb palm oil imports

    Malaysia and Indonesia plan to raise the prospect of European Union curbs on the imports of palm oil with the World Trade Organization, both countries said in a joint statement on Sunday.

  • curbing europe's appetite for palm oil

    Curbing Europe's appetite for palm oil

    The palm oil industry in Southeast Asia has had disastrous effects on local communities and the environment. ... Curbing Europe's appetite for palm oil European Parliament ... Supermarket Iceland ...

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